The Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), the leading multi-specialty association for Brain Mapping, is holding its 17th/18th “Gathering for Cure” Awards Gala of Brain Mapping Foundation in Los Angeles, CA July 10, 2021.

At this awards gala, SBMT recognizes pioneers in the field and awards humanitarian and beacon awards to inspiring figures including, trailblazers in science, leading policymakers, and pioneers in technology development and individuals who have raised awareness about brain mapping and neurological disorders in general. This year, the Pioneer in Medicine Award will be awarded to Dr. Michael E. Phelps, as the founder of CTI Molecular Imaging, with Drs. Terry Douglass and Ron Nutt, to deliver PET Molecular imaging of the biology of disease to research and medicine. From the development of the first PET camera in 1973, Dr. Michael Phelps has proven his passion and dedication for the future of PET. His vision began in equipment, building a core PET company comprised of innovation and has led to pioneering PET imaging.

This notable award recognizes individuals who have significantly contributed to the scientific advancement in the fields of medicine and image guided therapy through a multidisciplinary approach. Their groundbreaking contributions have made development of state-of-the-art technology and scientific discovery a reality.

Congratulations to Dr. Michael E. Phelps and all the individuals who will be honored for their work and dedicated support of various brain research programs. View the Gala Video here.

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