From Start to Clinic, SOFIE is dedicated to supplying theranostics and innovative technologies for personalized health.


What we do

SOFIE, alongside our Pharma and Academic partners, seeks to revolutionize clinical diagnostics and therapeutics to better understand and treat the biology of disease. We are increasing the adoption and application diversity of theranostics by removing the cost and complexity traditionally associated with the technology. With a full line of imaging and radiochemistry systems and a premier radiopharmacy network and contract manufacturing organization to supply novel agents for diagnosis and therapy, we’re on a mission to improve patient lives with amazing people, ideas, and products.


About us

We’re motivated by Innovation. Passion. Collective genius. Hard work. We believe in nurturing great ideas and great people. From our Board to our Team, we’re dedicated to bringing a new vision of theranostics and innovative imaging technologies to healthcare.

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From our G-Series preclinical PET imaging systems to our ELIXYS FLEX/CHEM and PURE/FORM radiochemistry platforms, SOFIE has the right tool to transform your translational research with the Power of PET.                                                                                                     



With a national distribution network and a full-service contract manufacturing division, SOFIE is the premier choice for the manufacture and distribution of approved and novel theranostics.