Our Pipeline

With over 50 years of passion and dedication for the future of PET, we have taken bold steps to advance the development of next generation radiopharmaceuticals.


We offer a range of contract manufacturing services to meet your clinical needs through our network and new Theranostics Center of Excellence.

PET Education

We have created a multi­faceted approach designed to strengthen the quality of PET programs in your practice and deliver enhanced care to your patients. 

Our Network

We have 14 network sites committed to on-time delivery of radiopharmaceuticals to meet our clients’ need in diagnosing and treating critical illnesses every day.


Our Vision

To improve patient outcomes by developing and delivering molecular diagnostics and therapeutics (theranostics). With our robust radiopharmaceutical production and distribution network, mature contract manufacturing services, and now, high value radiopharmaceutical intellectual property, we are poised to deliver on the promise of radiopharmaceuticals.


Dedicated to providing reliable, high quality products and cutting-edge technologies