Malika Dhawan
Vice President, Human Resources

Malika has over 20 years’ experience in the Human Resources and Management fields. Malika joined the company in 2013 where she held the role of Human Resources Generalist. Since joining the company she has held numerous roles throughout the years including heading SOFIE’s IT team.

She has knowledgeably navigated all the challenges Human Resources brings, as SOFIE grew from 240 employees to now 315 in under 18 months. Malika is an integral part of the SOFIE family and has had a big impact in creating the SOFIE culture that is inclusive and built on teamwork. Through her leadership, she has improved the quality and responsiveness of our Human Resource’s department.

Prior to joining the company, Malika was an Assistant Principal with Nobel Learning Group. Outside of the workplace, Malika enjoys painting and gardening. She also loves cooking for her husband and two daughters.