Brian Schumer, PharmD
Chief Operating Officer

Brian Schumer, senior executive and pharmacist with a Doctor of Pharmacy from Purdue University, is a nuclear pharmacy expert who plays a key role in building premier radiopharmacy networks based on a culture of excellence.

Working from his years of experience in commercial nuclear pharmacies as a Pharmacy Manager, head of Supply Chain, Vice President of Pharmacy Operations and Interim President, Brian creates an environment that encourages teamwork, autonomy and creative thinking. Some of his management success has been attributed to his humor and humility, which allow him to easily establish rapport with both customers and colleagues.

Continuously seeking better ways to drive performance, increase revenue and improve profitability—and reward team members who do the same—Brian is skilled at engineering and implementing both operational metrics to improve efficiency and performance-based incentive programs to reward outstanding financial achievement. Seeing the value in understanding every market under his purview, Brian is involved in detailed quarterly business reviews focused on bottom-up financial analysis.

Never one to underestimate the importance of a financially sound organization, Brian knows how to leverage size and market position to diversify supply and reduce costs—in one example, he optimized $136 million in annual product purchases. He also knows how to negotiate—in another example he negotiated a large supply agreement, which totaled $250 million over 5 years, and successfully reduced the price of the most expensive product by 13%. He’s a firm believer in taking advantage of opportunities as soon as they arise, creating price approval tiers which improve autonomy and reduce approval time for customer agreements.