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How to Technically Maximize the Quality of the Information From the Study (CEC10184)

Presenter: Dr. Robert Bridwell, Board Certified in Nuclear Medicine and Internal Medicine and is currently Medical Advisor for SOFIE and Phyllis Hoelsworth, Director of Product Launch for SOFIE

In this session, Dr. Bridwell will describe the biodistribution of DCFPyl imaging (F-18 PSMA) to help you to understand the technical maneuvers that can be done to improve the sensitivity to detect pelvic disease and distant metastatic disease. He will also describe the most important clinical characteristics that may impact the sensitivity of the study to include medications, uptake time and type of patient being imaged. Finally, he will outline the important questions to ask the patient prior to the scanning process.

July 15
3:30pm EDT / 12:30pm PDT

July 20
7:00pm EDT / 4:00 pm PDT

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