From our G-Series preclinical PET imaging systems to our ELIXYS FLEX/CHEM and PURE/FORM radiochemistry platforms, SOFIE has the right tool to transform your translational research with the Power of PET.



In vivo imaging systems

Advance your understanding of the biology of disease and therapeutic efficacy with molecular imaging using Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Pre-clinical in-vivo imaging accelerates discovery research and gives you important insights to directly translate your ideas to the clinic. Our multi-modal preclinical in vivo imaging devices are used globally by researchers investigating cancer, immune-oncology, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, as well as drug and probe discovery and development. SOFIE’s family of PET scanners includes the benchtop G8 PET/CT, in partnership with PerkinElmer, the benchtop G4 PET/X-Ray, and GNEXT PET/CT, our newest addition to the G-Series family.



Automated Radiosynthesizers

ELIXYS is an automated radiochemical synthesizer for the production of preclinical and clinical PET probes. A single platform solution for R&D and production, you can build new syntheses from scratch, and then routinely perform your optimized protocol. It’s the best of flexible and fixed systems, without painful re-plumbing to move between syntheses. It’s also the first of its kind – a fully integrated, three–reactor radiosynthesizer. We designed it to meet the challenging, multi–pot synthesis conditions, but you can also use it to perform three, one–pot syntheses back–to–back–to–back. We’ve spent a lot of time in the details: reduction of tubing and valves, intuitive, chemist–friendly software, and disposable cassettes that are simple to load and remove. From the most seasoned radiochemist to brand new technicians, ELIXYS is easy to learn and operate. For the same cost as a single reactor system, we think ELIXYS is the better choice for limited space and resources.