White Paper: Setting Up a Preclinical PET Imaging Lab


Molecular imaging allows biological processes to be interrogated non-invasively in vivo. PET is a molecular imaging technology which utilizes radionucleotides to deliver high spatial and temporal resolution data. The G-Platform G4 PET/X-ray and G8 PET/CT systems from PerkinElmer removes many of the technical hurdles required for incorporation into preclinical imaging research. There are however many regulatory and safety requirements that must be met before your lab is approved to perform PET imaging studies.

This white paper outlines many key regulatory and safety considerations, as well as provide you with a list of materials to consider purchasing to setup your preclinical PET imaging facility.

Summary of White Paper

    Learn how to:
  • Integrate the G4 and G8 PET systems into current molecular imaging platforms with little or no lab renovations
  • Reduce exposure levels to researcher and the subject
  • Safely work with radioactivity by utilizing proper shielding, dosimetry/monitoring and workflow design
  • Properly outfit your PET imaging lab with safety and imaging supplies

White Paper

Setting up a Preclinical PET Imaging Lab