SOFIE Biosciences launches ELIXYS

CULVER CITY, CA., June 4, 2012 – Sofie Biosciences, Inc., specializing in the development of in vitro and in vivo PET imaging systems and probes, introduces ELIXYS, the newest addition to their product pipeline. Formally debuted at this week’s 2012 Society for Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting, ELIXYS is an automated radiochemistry platform for the production of a diversity of PET probes, including [18F]FAC and analogs, SOFIE’s proprietary class of imaging probes.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a medical imaging modality that utilizes radiolabeled molecules (“probes”) to target and measure biological and pharmacological processes. Basic scientists can use the same probes to visualize and characterize the biology of disease, monitor its progression, and evaluate therapeutic efficacy in cells and mice as clinicians do in patients. Over 1,600 PET probes have been developed, but only a few are routinely used. This is largely due to the complexity of synthesis, which inhibits the probe discovery and development processes in research and clinical trials. The solution to this problem requires technology innovation in radiosynthesizers, as well as breakthroughs in synthesis methods to provide rapid, site-directed labeling with high yields on a single platform capable of synthesizing a diversity of PET probes. This is also a requirement for the transition from R&D to a standardized protocol for routine production in commercial PET radiopharmacies.

ELIXYS is a novel approach to radiosynthesis. Its multi-reactor system features disposable cassettes for simplicity of operation, high-temperature and high-pressure capabilities, on-demand reagent delivery, radiation sensors and reactor vial cameras to monitor synthesis processes, between-reactor purification, an automated HPLC injection valve, and intuitive, unit operation-based software for use on tablets and smartphones, such as the iPad and iPhone. With very little effort, ELIXYS enables the end user to quickly transition between different syntheses by simply changing cassettes, reagents, and selecting software protocols.

“Fundamentally, ELIXYS is a different way to approach radiochemistry,” said Patrick Phelps, SOFIE’s President and CEO. “ELIXYS was born out of our own need to develop and synthesize diverse classes of probes. SOFIE, with our collaborators at UCLA and Caltech, are excited to share this novel technology platform with a large community of scientists and clinicians interested in expanding the diversity of PET probes to answer a vast array of biological questions.”

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