A note from President and CEO, Patrick Phelps

Welcome to SOFIE!
 We’ve recently acquired Zevacor Pharma, an amazing commercial radiopharmacy and contract manufacturing organization focused on the supply of theranostics for personalized health. This is the most significant milestone and value inflection point in our company’s history.

For me, this transaction started at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 2016, when I discovered Zevacor Pharma was for sale. Bringing a radiopharmacy network and CMO under our umbrella has always been a dream of SOFIE’s, so I worked with my management team and Board to go boldly forward to acquire Zevacor.

This year-long endeavor tested our small company in every way imaginable, but my clearest memory of our diligence period was receiving a daily call from my CTO, Melissa Moore, who undertook a whirlwind deep dive of all 16 sites in two weeks. With every report, she mentioned the great people of Zevacor, their dedication and determination, their pride in their work, and their strong belief that Zevacor Pharma was prime for growth to bring novel diagnostics and therapeutics to market to affect patient outcomes.

These sentiments were echoed by CRO Philipp Czernin as he worked with Sales and Business Development, and CFO Stan Berman as he worked with Finance and Purchasing. In other words, the people of Zevacor Pharma shared the same values and mission that we did.

The assets of this acquisition are impressive, but none more than the 250+ people working in all facets of the organization. We are proud to be a part of this visionary group of managers, administrators, engineers, chemists, quality and regulatory specialists, and pharmacists who have, in the last 12 months, shipped ~425,000 patient doses. Every one of those patients had their lives changed by the Zevacor team’s work.

As a collective company, we’ve dealt with adversity, set-backs, and uncertainty and in doing so, we pulled off the impossible. We look forward to building the next generation of innovative PET technologies and radioisotope-based theranostics with you!

In closing, we want to share our thoughts on the future of SOFIE, what this acquisition means to us on a personal level, and why we get up in the morning to keep pushing the boundaries of personalized health. Please meet a few of our team members, board, and products in the videos below.

Warmly, Patrick Phelps

SOFIE’s C-Team is Patrick Phelps (President and CEO), Philipp Czernin (CRO), Melissa Moore (CTO), and Stan Berman (CFO). They are supported by a management team of Nam Vu (VP, Imaging), Alex Hsiao (Director of Technology Development), and Chris Drake (Director of Radiochemistry).

Our imaging (GNEXT PET/CT, G8 PET/CT, and G4 PET/X-Ray) and radiochemistry products (ELIXYS FLEX/CHEM and PURE/FORM) are changing the way that preclinical imaging and radiochemical production are done by removing the cost and complexity traditionally associated with PET.

Two of our founders and board members speak to the history and future of our field.

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