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CULVER CITY, Calif., Oct. 10, 2018 – SOFIE would like to announce a Conference Presentation Award for ISRS 2019 in Beijing, China for our ELIXYS users! If you’re planning to attend, SOFIE could help! Present an ELIXYS-focused presentation (poster or oral) at ISRS 2019 for a chance to win a cash prize! Submit your accepted abstract by March 22, 2019 to enter the contest.

Contest applies to ELIXYS users only. Read the contest rules below.

Visit the conference website for more information:


2019 ISRS Conference Presentation Award

• Applies only to owners and users of ELIXYS systems.

• Entry into this contest requires the submission and acceptance of a presentation (oral or poster) abstract to the 2019 ISRS conference. The abstract must highlight the use of ELIXYS.

• Abstracts must also be submitted to SOFIE by March 22, 2019 via email at:

• SOFIE will review all abstracts and select a single winner. The winner will be contacted by SOFIE no later than April 19, 2019.

o Abstracts will be judged on scientific merit, novelty, and impact in the field.

• Proof of acceptance of the abstract to the conference must be sent to SOFIE.

• Presenter must attend the conference and present the work to receive the award money.

• The award amount of $1,500 USD will be sent to the winner no later than 2 weeks after the final date of the conference. The “winner” is the primary author/presenter of the presentation.

o June 14, 2019 for ISRS 2019.

Seth Werkheiser