In vivo imaging systems

Advance your understanding of the biology of disease and therapeutic efficacy with molecular imaging using Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Pre-clinical in-vivo imaging accelerates discovery research and gives you important insights to directly translate your ideas to the clinic. Our multi-modal preclinical in vivo imaging devices are used globally by researchers investigating cancer, immune-oncology, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, as well as drug and probe discovery and development. SOFIE’s family of PET scanners includes the benchtop G8 PET/CT, in partnership with PerkinElmer, the benchtop G4 PET/X-Ray, and GNEXT PET/CT, our newest addition to the G-Series family.



SOFIE’s next generation scanner incorporates our user-friendly software interface with the cutting-edge performance of a depth of interaction (DOI) PET detector system. GNEXT PET/CT is a high performance and high flexibility pre-clinical in vivo imaging system to support single or multi-mouse imaging, rat, and small non-human primate imaging workflows. The scanner utilizes proprietary DOI PET detector technology to eliminated trade-offs between high resolution and high sensitivity. GNEXT is the premier solution for your preclinical PET/CT imaging needs.



Merging simplicity with flexibility, the G8 PET/CT is a high-performance PET system coupled to a high-quality, sub-minute CT. Designed specifically for small animal imaging applications, the G8 PET/CT’s sleek benchtop design includes a fully-integrated animal management system and 3-clicks-to-data workflow.



G4 PET / X-Ray

G4 PET/X-ray features the highest sensitivity PET scanner on the market at the lowest price. For 1/3 of the cost of traditional floor-based systems, G4 provides true benchtop multimodal imaging with integrated animal handling for mice and rats. When the bottom-line is as important as the quality of data.


G-Series Software

We’ll admit it. We love our imaging software. Built for speed, the G-Series software platform combines the latest in computer processing power, advanced tomographic image reconstruction, networking, and user experience to quickly develop protocols and acquire, process, and manage image data. With multiple modes of operation, your get ultimate system flexibility. You can use preset protocols with optimized imaging parameters for a simple, convenient acquisition workflow for new-to-imaging users. Physicist mode emphasizes operational flexibility and gives experienced PET users the ability to modulate key acquisition and reconstruction parameters across all user profiles. Administrator mode allows easy exporting of usage data by project or users for grant or billing reconciliation. All PET data is collected in list mode format and images are stored in DICOM format, allowing for export and analysis is a variety of software platforms, including Living Image© and VivoQuantTM. The software also provides connectivity with iPACS via the iPACS sync tool. Acquire and reconstruct simultaneously.